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November 24, 2015

7:00 PM

Mercer County Library, Lawrenceville NJ

The KickStarter Renaissance:
          How Internet Crowdfunding
          Makes Holiday Giving More Personal and More Satisfying

Holiday Tech 2015 talk

Douglas Dixon photo    Douglas Dixon

'Tis the holiday giving season, and amazingly the Internet now helps make your giving more personal and more satisfying.

"Crowdfunding" allows you to follow your passions -- to support specific people in need, or help provide venture funding to small entrepreneurs dreaming of creating new products, or become a patron to individual artists bursting to express themselves.

This talk will show how sites like KickStarter and GoFundMe are bringing together individual creators with groups of individual contributors to enable a new flowering of small-scale charity, product invention, and artistic expression. And this is serious business -- there are multiple such sites that have each raised billions of dollars from tens of millions of donors.

We'll look at the broad range of crowdfunding campaigns across the globe, ranging from creative projects (including art, music, film, photography, design, and comics) to product development (books, games, and tech) to personal fundraising (medical, educational, volunteer, emergency, and sports teams).

Of course, in the holiday spirit of giving, we'll also demonstrate some of the fun new products and designs that have resulted from crowdfunding projects, from inventive books and films to clever tech gadgets.

About the speaker ...

Doug Dixon is an independent technology consultant, specializing in digital media and portable devices. He has been writing and speaking on digital media for the past decade and a half, and providing annual holiday gadget coverage in the Princeton area since 2002.

Doug previously was a product manager and software developer at Intel and Sarnoff in Princeton. He has authored four books on digital media, published hundreds of feature articles, and presented over a hundred seminars and talks. He makes his articles and technical references freely available on his Manifest Technology website and blog at

Some statistics (approximate):
  • Kickstarter has raised $2 billion for 90,000 creative projects from 9.5 million backers.
  • GoFundMe has raised over $1 billion for personal needs from 16 million donors.
  • Indiegogo has over 7000 campaigns active at a time and 15 million global visitors per month.
  • DonorsChoose has funded over 600,000 classroom projects in public schools.
  • Patreon has 250,000 patrons providing $2 million per month to support artists.

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